How to get more gigs?

What artist wouldn't like to perform more often? It's easier said than done. Making a website and printing business cards is not enough. Gigstarter helps you as an artist to be found online and provides the online tools to manage your act better. Gigstarter offers a free and open infrastructure so you can be found and booked for any type of live music event: private parties, festival concerts, weddings, garden/open air concerts, pub gigs, corporate events, you name it. As a band, solo-artist, ensemble or DJ you can make a profile for free. The artist profile should consist of a live music video, several recordings, pricing insights and artist details. Once your profile is complete and approved by our artist success managers anyone will be able to find and contact you directly and personally.

From business card to live music CV

The advantage of a Gigstarter profile is that anyone can get insight into the way your live performances are. The better your profile, the greater your chances. A website visitor can listen to three demo tapes and view a live performance to get a feel of your show. After the gig the booker can leave a review and rating. This helps future bookers in making the right choice and creates vilidity of your show, lifting your profile from merely an online business card to a complete live music CV. If you aren’t registered yet you can register for free by choosing your country from the list of flags below.

If your country is not amongst the options yet, or if you do not come from Europe, then sign up as a guest-musician by sending us an email.

A live music hub

Gigstarter provides transparency and access. We do so by connecting all stakeholders, always putting the artist in the centre and making sure it's to the benefit of our growing artist community. The stakeholders include:

  • Bookers: Anyone can be a booker with Gigstarter. Local pubs, restaurants, venues, festivals, individual party organisers and businesses will be able to approach you easily, directly, and without any booking fees.
  • Fans: Your concerts will be in the agenda and you'll be in our news items to reach potential fans in the countries you’ll be playing. Where possible we leverage artist their news via our social media channels. More fans never hurt.
  • Artists: Get connected to co-artists via our events or closed social media groups. Our growing community is a strong base for knowledge sharing and co-organising specific promotional events or festivals.

PRO: Scaling up your show

Apart from the free profiles, as an artist you can choose to upgrade to PRO. This premium membership offers extra profile options, additional online tools for self-management and to get access to additional promotion options. The PRO membership makes you part of the central artist community and provides the infrastructure for you to get more exposure and perform even more. Go to your local portal via the flags below for more information about gigstarter and the national performance opportunities.

No Commissions

Live music should be emancipated from pre-internet norms. Gigstarter charges no booking fees and by creating free access finishes with: exclusivity contracts, information assymetry, blown-up prices and excessively high booking fees. Live music can only be catalysed if contact for a booking can be done from end-user tot end-user and if no additional costs are charged. Gigstarter chooses to focus on event creation. By untapping a priorly 'unknown' market more live music will result. We trust that the artists who get their share of this new pie will upgrade to make use of premium services via a PRO membership.

Music needs fair trade. Gigstarter needs you.

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