And there was music

Gigstarter was born in 2012. Paul de Kuyper and Julio Pijnappel –two high school friends– saw a mismatch between supply and demand for live music. From our own experience we knew most bands, DJs ensembles and solo-artists would love to perform more often; while plenty of music lovers turned out to be very interested in hiring a live music act. If they'd just know how and where to find them...

All the information in the world is in our pocket. Therefore live music can and should be made accessible for all. It just wasn't into the interests of old industry stakeholders to emancipate this unserved under-the-radar market. Together with Mark Teisman, Tom van der Velpen and Erik de Kuyper we made a self-service artist booking interface where thousands of self managed artists are found and booked on a daily basis and without any booking fees. Why? Because live music isn't a luxury service merely meant for once in a lifetime occasions. It's a basic need that leads to happiness and strong communities. This is how Gigstarter works:

DIY artist community

Gigstarter is the fastest growing community of independent musicians and live music lovers in Europe. Our music hub brings together musicians, fans and venues. Venues in the broadest sense of the word. Now anyone can book a band, DJ, ensemble or solo-artist via our Live Music Engine. We started our cause in Amsterdam and in 2016 we began emancipating live music entertainment across Europe.

Live music made accessible

Musicians want to manage themselves properly without becoming a manager... And someone who wants to hire an artist would like to know what all the possibilities are before starting to chat about a possible performance. Gigstarter is an open marketplace bringing together these needs. By making live music transparent and accessible, musicians get a real chance to live from their vocation. And anyone can arrange live music based events easily and without paying any unnecessary fees and without prices being artificially pushed up. More live music results.

Gigstarter creates transparency via its live music engine. Some important features:

  • Search results: get a clear overview of musicians in any genre
  • Insightful profiles: get insight into the vibe and music of specific musicians
  • Booking process: get in touch with musicians and book live music without any fees

No hassle

Gigstarter offers convenience to both booker and musician. Anyone can request a quote without any obligations. And if you want to make a booking this follows smoothly. You are in direct contact with the musician and are guided through the entire booking-process so that all necessary on-site elements are checked and all arrangements are made without any mistakes. We are always ready to jump if necessary, most often this isn't necessary though.

For musicians we make arranging gigs easy. First, you get matched. Then a fair deal can be made. You decide how the agreement looks like and how and when you get paid. Neither you nor the booker pay any booking fees. You’re in control. Gigstarter just facilitates. It's the DIY platform providing you with an increasing amount of online tools, adding up to a complete management environment. You should focus on the things you like.

Just music

Gigstarter not only facilitates the right match. Our system is fully automated. This makes it possible for us to work with a small team. This way things can be kept small, efficient and personal. Our lean approach assures low overhead costs so we can keep our basic services free of charge. This allows us to pursue our purpose: making live music accessible to everyone, everywhere.

If you have any questions, suggestions, want to partner with us, or maybe even wish to join our project, great! Please contact us, or go to the local website via the links below.

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